Chris Collingwood Autobiography

After an early career in animation I eventually found my way into book jacket illustration. This also included advertising artwork, film poster design and graphic fine art for publishing houses. In 1992 I produced my first Limited Edition Fine Art Print with three colleagues under my own publishing company 'The Historic Art Company' ( now called COLLINGWOOD HISTORIC ART). A couple of years later I was approached by 'Cranston Fine Arts' and I produced a large series of paintings for them. I take private commissions throughout the year and have recently turned some of these images into Fine Art Giclee prints and published them myself.

I strive to produce paintings that are historically accurate, which is why many museums, publishers and historical exhibitions are particularly interested in my work, but the real aim is to capture the energy and spirit of the moment, to bring the history alive.

My work can be seen in many books, magazines and exhibitions worldwide with my latest pieces, appearing in numerous high profile galleries throughout the USA and Europe. I use traditional Dutch paints manufactured now, as in 1664 and recently I have started working exclusive hand made oil paints designed to replicate those of the old masters. I use these paints very thinly, mixing in a quick drying medium so that I am able to rework certain areas without muddying the design and enabling the building up in layers of the fine detail. One canvas can take from 3-4 months to complete depending on scale and composition.

The vast amount of detail in the pictures necessitates a great deal of intensive research about any new subject in order to maintain its authenticity. This may involve contacting experts, regimental museums, record offices and libraries around the world, buying or obtaining items of equipment, uniforms, armour and weaponry. This detail enables me to create a 'super realistic', style that I hope reflects the techniques, the passion and depth of the old masters that I really admire. My style, however, is very much an 'in your face' view of the subject sometimes having figures coming out of the frame at the observer. This is a deliberate attempt to find a different and more contemporary angle on the subject than that of the classic 19th century military artists.

Unfortunately I am only able to accept a small number of private commissions a year but would be delighted to discuss ideas for new commissions. Please contact me through one of the channels below: e-mail: Tel: +44 (0) 1805 623023 International - Std phone/fax 01805 623023

Most paintings are available as Limited Edition Fine Art Prints from: Collingwood Historic Art. 1 Barton Cottage, Monkleigh, Bideford, North Devon EX39 5JX
Cranston Fine Arts Torwood House, Torwoodhill Road, Rhu, Helensburgh, Scotland G84 8LE.
tel 01436 820269.


01805 623023


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