Historic Periods






These historical periods will hopefully help to chronologically separate my paintings from Ancient to modern and allow an easier view for any prospective clients with a specific commission.

Although far from complete these dates roughly divide my paintings into five simple sections, the classical world to the very recent past. If I am permitted, my intention is to fill in the many gaps and omissions that time and opportunity have so far denied me. I am constantly adding new pieces but it can’t be helped that some of these sections are somewhat imbalanced as certain subjects seem to be more, shall we say, ‘fashionable’ than others. Research and references can sometimes be misleading or are simply missing  forcing me to put aside certain ideas and designs until more information becomes available. However with each new painting the gallery images become more complete and the timeline tighter. I sincerely hope that you will find the painting you are looking for here!
The image link above will take you to a gallery of archive images,
showing some of the work I've produced for various clients
over the years.


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