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Time passes so quickly and an update is long overdue. I have been involved in some extremely interesting projects over the past months keeping me firmly shackled to my easel. Apart from my private commissions and Fine Art Print work I have been involved with the film industry designing movie posters, museum exhibition illustration and commercial publication. 2017 saw the successful launch of a Pirate board game, for which I supplied the artwork and this led to a reawakening of an interest in the 17th and early 18th Century which has given me the chance to revisit some of my favourite subjects once again. In fact it has allowed me to investigate further the techniques of the 17th Century Dutch masters, their actual paint and studio equipment, arousing a need for me to understand and experiment with silver point drawing, alternative painting grounds, handmade oil paint and an array of liquids and potions reminiscent of an alchemist’s den. The results are interesting to say the least and my recent early examples may be seen in a couple of paintings included in this website….the journey continues….. It seems to me that in this day and age where many artists are delving into computer art and photographic manipulation I am stepping further back in time and tradition. I trust there will always be a desire to own original oil on canvas paintings and to that end I will continue to work in the ‘old fashioned’ way. Unfashionable? Maybe, time consuming? Yes, but ultimately genuinely rewarding.

Four stamp cards and the postage stamps. I can offer a very limited ‘Signed’ set of five stamp cards and a mini sheet of the actual stamps for £ 25.00 plus £2.50 p&p
As I write this I am discussing with a good friend and colleague the possibilities of collaborating on a project involving paintings for the presentation of intricately designed and forged miniature suits of armour along with full sized restoration pieces for which I hope to supply detailed oil painted backdrops for museum installations. My long awaited art book is still in preparation but with each passing year more paintings can now be included and I hope that the delay will only result in a better and more informative volume. Lastly there are still a few sets of my Waterloo anniversary stamps for sale….having sold out of my original stock I have managed to obtain a further small supply.
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