Welcome to my official website and gallery. I hope you share my passion for military history, the romance of historical drama and above all realistic fine art painting. This is a personal website in which I have included some of my favourite pictures to illustrate the sort of work I enjoy painting and the scope of my subject matter. These days I spend most of my working time painting military pieces, usually consisting of panoramic battle scenes, historical portraits and the ordinary soldier through the ages. The periods covered so far range from the ancient Greece of the Spartans, classical Rome, Viking and Saxon, Medieval warfare to the English and American Civil Wars. From the notorious pirates and buccaneers of the 18th century through the Napoleonic war, the conflicts of the British Empire to the World Wars of the 20th century. Although I work mainly in oil on canvas I do, however, draw a great deal in pencil (some examples may be found within the site). I strive for visual impact, light and atmosphere and am forever researching military and historical detail. I hope in the end to produce a painting that is rich in accuracy and period feel. I think it worth stating that I paint in a traditional way, using as mentioned oil on canvas or board with a finished physical original as the end result. I do not use digital computer art methods or modern photographic techniques. My painting process may take time and may seem painstaking in this day and age but that’s how I , and thankfully my customers, like it… I look to the old masters for skill and guidance trying to emulate and learn from them as I progress ...Old fashioned maybe but I genuinely feel it produces my best results. These pages can only offer a small sample as a ‘taster’ but new paintings and designs are constantly being added so please do get in touch if you want to talk over specific ideas, I do relish a new challenge. Most paintings are available as Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.






Stamp designs below for the Royal Mail  1815-2015 Waterloo anniversary commemorative issues.


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